Public and commercial broadcasting are often viewed as occupying separate silos.  Both do television but have pronounced divergent missions.  The Sinclair Broadcast Group and its subsidiary, ONE Media 3.0 have a somewhat different take on those separate missions.

From our perspective, we both seek to capture the same viewer eyeballs with compelling programming.  We both look to many of the same creative producers to fill our channels.  And we both look for dollars – some of which come out the pockets of the same advertisers!  In the many Sinclair markets, we are as complementary to public broadcasting as we are competitive.

The most significant parallel though is how we both are tied to the same broadcast technology.  That one-to-many, over-the-air architecture has served us both well from the analog days of black and white to color; from VHF to UHF migration; and from analog to digital conversion.

We now are in the throes of a revolutionary change.  A change with the promise of dramatically improved video and audio, allowing us to target our programming to discrete geographical locations and individual viewers; the ability to interface directly with the Internet; and for the first time have direct access to mobile viewers.  As if that were not alluring enough, our channels will now be open to multiple NON-television datacasting opportunities.

Most importantly, the commercial and public broadcasting mission of providing Advanced Emergency Alerting and Information services to our viewers is completely in sync.  The NextGen TV capabilities powered by ATSC 3.0 will save lives.  We have the ability to include these remarkable chips in all receive devices including the cell phones you have in your pockets.  That means rich media downloaded instantly with no overloading during emergencies from towers that don’t fail during catastrophic storms; evacuation routes; shelter locations; live Doppler radar images; transmitted in multiple languages; and all manner of additional life-saving information.

We are fortunate to work with APTS as the creative champions for this new ATSC 3.0 or Next Gen broadcast standard and all that it has to offer to our viewers and yours.

You know of companies with dedicated strategic visions and a relentless push to achieve goals not dreamed of by others.  That is the Sinclair Broadcast Group.  Public broadcasters are the beneficiaries of that vision and determination.  Sinclair and ONE Media 3.0 could not be prouder to join with our public broadcasting allies in forging a new path for the television industry as a whole.

And we are quite proud of our long-time friendship with these innovative thinkers.

one media apts image
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