Next Generation Broadcast Platform - One Media Enabled

ONE Media is creating the “Next Generation” broadcast transmission platform for the television industry. The platform is designed to accommodate and extend the existing high power/tall tower broadcast infrastructure and associated business models, while, for the first time, supporting delivery of robust vehicular and pedestrian mobile television and other data services to all portable devices.

In concert with its joint venture partners, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Coherent Logix, ONE Media is at the forefront of designing industry standards encompassing its flexible and enhanced vision for broadcasting. The company is working closely with broadcast industry peers, content owners, equipment manufacturers and regulators to devise an adaptable platform, capable of supporting traditional television and a host of new data applications as broadcasting evolves in the competitive content distribution space.

The “Open Network Enabled” moniker signifies a broadcast infrastructure that can deliver both traditional linear television programming with exceptional, ultra-high definition capability receivable deep inside buildings and to portable and mobile devices and also data services that require broadcasting’s enormously efficient one-to-many architecture. The Next Generation standard will also enable broadcasters to extend the reach of station signals efficiently using Single Frequency Networks that optimize the digital transport stream to reuse the same frequency multiple times without interference to the main broadcast transmission thereby reducing reliance on translators using multiple channels. The addressable feature of the transmission facilitates coding that will permit unique geographical “zoning” of programming, advertising and data services, supporting expansion of services that broadcasters can offer.