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BALTIMORE, MD (September 9, 2014) – ONE Media LLC today announced that Jerald Fritz has joined the company as Executive Vice President for Strategic and Legal Affairs. Mr. Fritz will play a key role in shaping ONE Media’s next generation broadcast platform.

“ONE Media is focused on developing a new standard for broadcast transmissions — lowering barriers of entry into mobile broadcasting while also providing other services such as Ultra High Definition,” stated Tommy Eng, ONE Media LLC’s President. “Providing programming to viewers on all their devices without a need to be tethered to a cable or data plan is a unique capability that only broadcasters have. We want to make that new platform available to broadcasters and viewers as soon as possible.”

Until recently, Mr. Fritz was the long-time Senior Vice President for Legal and Strategic Affairs for Allbritton Communications Company and its affiliate, POLITICO LLC.

“Jerry is the complete broadcaster,” commented Mr. Eng. “He’s been involved in all aspects of the business for decades and understands the vision and need for broadcast to evolve and how the development of a new flexible broadcast transmission standard can help our industry meet changing market needs and remain competitive.”

Joining Allbritton in 1987 after serving as Chief of Staff to FCC Chairman Mark Fowler and as a primary architect of deregulatory efforts in the broadcasting and telecommunications industries, Mr. Fritz helped develop Allbritton into one of the leading and forward-thinking broadcasters in the country. He has been intimately involved in the expansion of traditional lines of business for broadcasters, including the formation of NewsChannel 8, the first independent 24-hour local cable news service in the country, new web-casting platforms and POLITICO. Mr. Fritz has helped to craft major telecommunications legislation as well as FCC regulations involving media ownership, content regulation and competitive carriers. He has lectured extensively and testified before Congress and the FCC on communications law, policy and the future of the telecommunications industry, including program ownership rights, distribution platforms and copyright relationships.

“ONE Media is on the cutting edge of what the next generation broadcast platform can accomplish. It delivers what we had all hoped for with the conversion from analog to digital broadcasting by expanding flexible broadcasting services to local markets,” stated Mr. Fritz. “By developing a broadband broadcast platform that equally supports fixed and mobile services, ONE Media is redefining and developing an advanced and flexible future for broadcasting. Rather than deconstructing the broadcast business, One Media is on the forefront of dramatic expansion. I am excited to join this effort and help accelerate the transition to the ‘Next Generation Broadcast Platform.’”

Mr. Fritz, with his unique broadcast operational and business development experience and his deep ties to the broadcasting industry and its many leaders, will be a great benefit aiding the industry as it embraces this new platform. Mr. Fritz is an immediate past Governor of the ABC Affiliates Association chairing its Government Relations Committee and leading its NewsOne revision team. He served as a Director on the NAB TV Board where he chaired the Task Force for a virtual trade show and served on the NAB’s Digital Television Task Force as well as its EEO, Web Streaming and Copyright Committees.

“Jerry is part of the elite corps of broadcasters committed to expansion of services to the public and driving change in this exciting industry,” said Mr. Eng. “I am looking forward to benefiting from his vision and experience in developing this new dimension for viewers and broadcasters alike.”

About ONE Media, LLC:
ONE Media was established as a joint investment between Coherent Logix and Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI) with a vision to build the “Next Generation Broadcast Platform,” enabling broadcasting to be competitive across all platforms. Solving the associated business, technical, and political challenges while supporting mobile video broadband services (wired & wireless) provides for the greatest business opportunity in the broadcast / communication / media industry today — providing premium video anytime, anywhere without a data cap. To learn more about ONE Media and the developments occurring in the development of the Next Generation Broadcast Platform go to

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